Dr Baranowski has over 25 years experience of working in the field of chronic persistent pain medicine.

He works within the frame work of a multidisciplinary team with support from nursing, psychology and physiotherapy.

His experience in Pain Medicine includes the use of medications for the management of chronic persistent pain and he has been involved in many of the British and International guideline committees.

His procedures are undertaken in specialist environments with due attention to patient safety, sterility and patient comfort with the use of sedation as indicated. Dr Baranowski uses appropriate imaging for his procedures and regularly uses x-ray, CT guidance and ultrasound guided technology. Where applicable neurotracing is also utilised. Procedures are supported by physiotherapy and psychology if appropriate. All of his interventions in the private sector reflect his training and experience of working in one of England’s specialised pain management services at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, UCLH.

Dr Baranowski’s technical skills include:

Spinal injections such as facet and sacroiliac joint injections, perineural spinal root nerve injections and medial branch nerve blocks
Spinal root nerve neuromodulation using pulsed radiofrequency technology
Facet and sacral joint denervation using radiofrequency lesioning
RACZ catheter targeted epidurals
Pudendal nerve blocks at the ischial spine under x-ray and within Alcock’s canal using CT
Pelvic floor muscle injections under CT
Soft tissue (such as piriformis) and perineural peripheral nerve (such as suprascapular and groin) injections with ultrasound
Implant neuromodulation - spinal cord stimulation and sacral root stimulation
Intrathecal drug delivery

The Pain Team at King Edward VII Hospital, led by Dr Baranowski, run a Veteran’s Pain Management Programme. This was highlighted by the Care Quality Commission as being an area of outstanding practice. The service runs Multidisciplinary Meetings and education sessions. For implant neuromodulation, a full Multidisciplinary Team assessment and Pain Management Programme occurs in our dedicated Pain Management Centre - The Centre for Pain and Neuroscience.